Top 50 Secret Whatsapp Tricks you never knew

Top 50 Secret Whatsapp Tricks you never knew
Whatsapp is the most famous mobile messaging platform till date. But do you know some of the secrets tricks of whatsapp which can take you to the next level. Here in this article, i am highlighting most famous whatsapp tricks So far.

Read Whatsapp Messages without the sender finding it out Turn on the flight mode on your phone.Read the whatsapp messageNow, turn on the flight mode again.No, blue ticks will appear and the sender will not know that you have read his/her whatsapp message.
Now, no more typing needed to send whatsapp message Once you tap on the message box, the mic icon appears on the keyboardJust click on that mic icon and just talk your message.It will be automatically get typed as you speak.
Use whatsapp without any phone Number Do you know you can use whatsapp without any phone number. Yes you heard it right. Follow the steps: Uninstall whatsapp from your mobile.Download whatsapp from play store.Turn the flight mode on.Download and i…